What's Nico-Nama?

Nico-Nico-NamaHousou is a video sharing service for live streaming video in one of the services provided by "Niwango Inc.".

Abbreviation is "Nico-Nama".

URL : http://live.nicovideo.jp/

Live as "official program" operated by Niwango, be not "live channel" by official channels, to "live user" by the general user.

If the number of broadcast operations Niwango seats are filled from the front of the arena, etc. basically determined by the order of admission.

However, that may be expelled from the priority watch live by the standards .

If the official live broadcast, free channels, live users will be priority in the order of "general member" "premium membership".

If the broadcasting of pay channels, "non-subscribers pay channels that broadcast and premium membership", "subscriber and pay channels that broadcast general member", "subscriber and pay channels are broadcasting premium membership", be preferred in the order of "non-subscribers pay channels that broadcast and general member".

In order, If the number of viewers has exceeded the capacity, can not be expelled view is generated from the lower priority.

Live broadcast by the user

"user-nama-housou" is a service of the general user, which began December 12, 2008 (limited to premium members) can be delivered live.

If you want to live broadcast, and broadcast it to create a community owner.

Community broadcasting can be given its premium membership broadcasting rights from the owner who is also owner delivery, known as nama-nushi.

Broadcasting has become remarkable by the nama-nushi foreigners such as Chinese and European people.

Be the first to start a Nico-Nama!

To start the Nico-Nama, perform user registration from the following URL.

URL : https://secure.nicovideo.jp/secure/register

Contents of the membership can be registered, there are two types of "Premium Member" and "General Member".

"General Member", you can register for free.
In addition, the "Premium Member" in a variety of services is a monthly membership fee of 525 yen.

Famous Nama-Nushi